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Outline of the 12 Nutrition Modules

Each module includes a graduate-level lecture and client protocol/guide that you’re able to download and reference for the creation of your own resources.

Within each module, you will also be challenged to research and develop your own nutrition protocol, client handout, and educational presentation. 

ModuleNutrition TopicsBusiness Development Topics
1Scope of Practice, Counseling Skills, & ResearchDetermining your Niche
2Blood Sugar Dysregulation: Type 2 DiabetesContent Marketing
3Lipid Dysregulation: HyperlipidemiaEstablishing Your Business
4Blood Pressure: HypertensionCreating Your Service Offering
5Weight Gain & ObesitySales Pipeline & Lead Funnel
6Environmental Toxins & DetoxificationCopywriting & Website
7Bone Health: OsteoporosisEthical Sales
8Chronic Stress and Inadequate SleepAccounting & Financials
9Digestive Disorders: IBS, SIBO, GERD, CandidaFinding Leads & Making Sales
10Neurological Health: Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, & Parkinson’sEmail Marketing
11Nutrition for Thyroid HealthSynergistic Connections
12Healthy Aging & Longevity12 Month Business Goals

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