Holistic Nutrition Mentorship Program

Start building your profitible career today.

Build a profitable business

We will teach you how to start a business, create high value program offerings, and find clients who are excited to work with you. Using our proven step-by-step process, you don’t need any experience to build the business that you’re thrilled to own. Already have a business? We’ll help you make it more profitable by focusing on each part of your business one month at a time.

Gain experience working with clients

The foundation of being a holistic health professional is two fold: being able to understand what stands between your client and their goals; and being able to remove those road blocks. You will perform and observe dozens of client interviews, receiving feedback every step of the way. No need to show up with clients, we’ll help you find mock clients you can start with while you build your business.

Develop a professional network

You’re never going to know all of the answers. Your professional network is vital to being able to better serve your clients should they wonder outside your area of expertise. We help you develop your network through collaboration with dozens of other professionals in the field through weekly small group workshops, live Q&A sessions, and robust case reviews.

Obtain professional guidance

Throughout the year long program, you will receive continuous support and guidance from experts in the field of health and wellness. This support is delivered through regular group working sessions, and three live meeting per week with supervisors (15 per month!). In addition, we will also host regular guest lecturers, all of whom are experts in the world of health, wellness, and business.

Join Our Mentorship Program

Mentorship Program

Our mentorship program is designed for anyone who is looking to have a profitable career in holistic nutrition.

Need your Credential? 
  • Opportunities to earn the required 500 contact hours
  • BCHN® exam prep
  • Comprehensive study guides with key terms and definitions
  • Over 1000 practice questions included in 25 practice exams
Struggling to create and grow your business? 
  • Step-by-step lectures on how to start and develop your business
  • Weekly Live Business development Q&A sessions
  • Unlimited call and text access to the Business Development Team
Want to Grow as a Clinician? 
  • 12 modules and lectures focusing on a key nutritional disorder
  • Weekly Live Nutritional Grand Rounds Sessions
  • Weekly Live Case Study/Client Review Sessions 
  • Small group nutrition workshops 
  • Regular feedback from supervisors
  • Access to a community of holistic nutrition professionals
  • Regular webinars from experts in the field of holistic health
Results: We believe Holistic Nutritionists should be a full time career for all who pursue the title. Our mission is to help you develop and grow your business to a point where you can quit your day job and go full-time on your passion.

Program Syllabus

ModuleNutrition TopicsBusiness Development Topics
1Scope of Practice, Counseling Skills, & ResearchDetermining your Niche
2Blood Sugar Dysregulation: Type 2 DiabetesContent Marketing
3Lipid Dysregulation: HyperlipidemiaEstablishing Your Business
4Blood Pressure: HypertensionCreating Your Service Offering
5Weight Gain & ObesitySales Pipeline & Lead Funnel
6Environmental Toxins & DetoxificationCopywriting & Website
7Bone Health: OsteoporosisEthical Sales
8Chronic Stress and Inadequate SleepAccounting & Financials
9Digestive Disorders: IBS, SIBO, GERD, CandidaFinding Leads & Making Sales
10Neurological Health: Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, & Parkinson’sEmail Marketing
11Nutrition for Thyroid HealthSynergistic Connections
12Healthy Aging & Longevity12 Month Business Goals

What to expect each month

Live Sessions

Performed with
other Cohort Members


What the Cohort Members are Saying

"Your mentorship program is excellent. Both of you have taught me so much that my nutritionist business has exploded. I have close to 1,856 clients located in various states. I offer "nutrition and fitness information" for clients. I offer an initial program package (A) that covers 6 months of nutritional guidance, personal training classes (in client portal / live classes), lab testing and nutritional supplements for $5000. After 6 months, I offer a continuing program (B) for 1 year that includes everything in program (A) just once per month meeting with me via Zoom for 30 minutes, for $3500. At first, I didn't really think that many people would go for the prices that I offered. But, by networking with higher income individuals, my client base has exploded. So much so that I have a waiting list with 478 people on it. My wife quit her job at Marriott and now runs the day-to-day operations of our practice. I spend my time selling, maintaining, and assessing clients' nutritional needs. I hired two of my swim buddies to pre-record workouts and conduct individual workouts online for clients. By keeping overhead low - working out of a home office, traveling to perspective clients (meeting in groups of 6-10 or more), meeting clients via zoom (after in program), we have really seen the bottom line turn into a very healthy income. All of this would not have been possible without the guidance and mentoring from both of you. I really appreciate the knowledge and incite you have passed to me." - Y. Buck
"In the two months since I began the Holistic Consulting program I have already learned so much and developed more confidence than I could have ever imagined. It has forced me out of my comfort zone and helped me develop my own client counseling style. David and Sean are such incredible mentors, as are the other members of the cohort. It is a very welcoming and encouraging community to be a part of. I'm so grateful to have found this program!"​
"Sean and David are both fantastic and skilled mentors because of their enthusiasm, encouragement, and genuine passion for their fields of interest. These two provide their students with more support and attention than I have encountered before and am very fortunate to be mentoring under them." ​
"This cohort program is monumental in facilitating real world situations and clients with real time feed back. It is provides the opportunity to apply the knowledge from my previous bachelors degree program and guidance needed to build a successful business."
"The mentors in this program have provided more information, explanations, and support than I have ever received in any of my college classes."
"While Sean's business advice is laying a clear path to success in developing my own business, David's in-depth knowledge and exceptional experience have profoundly advanced my understanding of nutrition."
"As a veteran and certified personal trainer myself, we share common goals of helping members of our community live longer and healthier lives through proper exercise and nutrition guidance."

Application Process

Fill out this form, and we’ll be in touch to schedule a call to answer any questions and see if our program is a good fit for your goals. There are limited seats available!

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