Holistic Nutrition Mentorship Program

Turn your Passion into a Full Time Career.

Regardless of what’s holding you back – we support you in obtaining your credential, building a valuable network, and give you winning tips to build your business (even if you’re starting from scratch).

Earn your Credential

Approved mentorship program for the BCHN® – Board Certified in Holistic Nutrition® and CNS® – Certified Nutrition Specialist®.

Full exam prep course with over 1000 practice questions and key terms and definitions.

Earn the required  professional experience contact hours.

Build Your

Build the foundations of a profitable business through 1-on-1 business mentorship, self-paced business courses, and weekly business development office hours. 

Gain actionable advice designed to get your business to profitability as quickly as possible and learn best practices from other members.

Grow Professionally

Erase your imposter syndrome through in depth educational courses on the most common areas of dysfunction you will experience in clinical practice, weekly case study office hours, experience working with clients, and regular feedback from supervisors. 


Interact with a community that can help you solve problems, determine next steps for growing your business, gain referrals, develop better counseling skills, and feel more confident in your client recommendations and decisions.

12+ live sessions per month with supervisors and other community members!

What's holding you back from being Full Time?

Included with Membership

Building a career is hard and you don’t have to do it alone.

Holistic Consulting founders, David Feuz and Sean Emery have served as professors and instructors for various nutrition programs across the country and observed several common challenges that functional and holistic nutrition students and graduates face. While these individuals each have a strong passion for nutrition and desire to help others, they often struggle to turn their degree and passion into a profitable career and feel confident enough to see real clients. On top of that, many graduates struggle to earn their required professional experience hours and pass their board exam.

Realizing that the functional and holistic nutrition space offers little support and guidance for these individuals, Sean and David launched Holistic Consulting to support nutrition professionals in earning their credential, continuing their education, gaining practical experience, launching a profitable business that they are excited about, and establishing a professional network of other practitioners to leverage for guidance and support. 

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BCHN Mentorship Program